What I learned today at Pickle Research Campus

Every Friday, no matter how tired I have been with the whole week or how many homework I have to finish, I always look forward to my routine trips to Pickle Research Campus. What do I do over there? There are weekly research seminars given by Ph.ds and also advisors and practitioners in Geophysics. For a majority of time I cannot understand what the content means and the questions they target especially when it is very technical in geophysics, but I still try my best to understand the math part and I enjoyed it very much.

I have been constantly moved by the attitudes of the researchers here towards their careers and how candidate they are to knowledge and how passionate they are about the problems they want to solve. I know that there is a lot of things to learn and books to read and I am not supposed to be just satisfied with accomplishing the homework and having high GPAs, but the extra knowledge out of class.


When Sugar Loves Pear<3

This is my first blog, and interestingly it is about food, to be more precise, a kind of traditional Chinese cooking with mainly two materials– sugar (seasoning), and snow pear (pears with a lot of naturally sweet fluid).

Why I write such a blog? First, fall, one of the four seasons when human bodies most easily get dry, and noses mouthes arid, is just around the corner (for audiences from the Northern Hemisphere), so writing such a blog is of great educational value; second, my boyfriend’s throat is not comfortable these days and I sincerely wish he can feel better.

Okay, here we go!

Food Materials:

Snow pears: 2

Rock sugar: proper portion


1. Wash the pears clean.

2.Cut the top/cap of the pear.

3. Dig out the core using a knife and a spoon.

4. Locate the prepared rock sugar in the hole

5. Put the cap of the pear on the pear and fix both parts with toothpicks.

6. Put water in the steam pot and dispose the prepared pear in it.

7. Last step: waiting for an hour and yayyy we are done!

When sugar loves pear! So sweet!

Hope y’all enjoy it.