What I learned from Saranya Murthy’s talk at AWM

I will give you but three words, IMG_20141114_163651“FORESIGHT”,”DILIGENCE”,”STEADFASTNESS”, If you ask me to summarize what I took away from Saranya Murthy’s talk at UT AWM (American Women in Mathematics)’s weekly talks by successful and influential women in STEM in academia or industry. Saranya Murthy is an International Product Support Associate Engineer at Dell. She was a formal employee at Workbrain(now Infor), a software used by employees, providing web-based workforce management solutions for large enterprises. She graduated from University of Waterloo in Honors program in computer science in the faculty of mathematics. Later on after her graduation and working for years, she accomplished a part-time MBA program at York University in Canada. Miss Murthy must be originally from India, as shown from her skin and that her parents who are traditionally dressed in Sari(an Indian female garment) and Lungi are also in the audience while she’s giving us the talk. She maintained a graceful demeanour from beginning to end. She was very clear in logic- she gave us useful suggestions(I will demonstrate them later in this blog) about how to build personal development and why those ways are efficient and helpful; she was very precise about diction too, which can indirectly reflect her work ethics and lifestyles. Later after the presentation she told me she loves reading and holds book clubs with her friends (recently they’re reading “Lean in” written by Sheryl Sandberg- Chief Operation Officer at FB. Accidentally I am reading this book too. I’m currently on the first chapter about the gap between women’s ambition and leadership).

I want to specifically note down the advice given by Saranya Murthy during her talk and thus to benefit my readers.They’re as follows:


1. 360º feedback –http://www.reachcc.com/360reach -Click on 360º Reach Basic- it’s free!

2.MBI test(Apply the rest results to interviews and occasion of the same nature)

3.”Please understand me” by Dr. David Keirsey

4.”And Now Discover your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O.Clifton.


1.When deciding to registering for a class, ask the professor also for yourself “How can I use this in the real world?”;

2.Connect with like-minded professionals through information interviews and relevant social events;

3.Thoughtfully craft a 30 second elevator pitch which you may use later to pique people’s interest and let them quickly experience your charisma;

4.Develop a professional social media persona:

-Linkedin (Employers will usually check for Linkedin for candidates’ information and they particularly pay attention to your coworkers’/mentors’/professors’ recommendations and comments on it)

-Twitter (Thought leader) -WordPress blogging (why I’m blogging now:=)

Before the conclusion of my blog, I also want to point out that Miss Murthy is not only a role model in terms of work ethics and academic excellence, but more importantly she is a role model for me in terms of how respectful and obedient she is towards her parents. I approached Saranya for answers and guidance to my specific questions right after she concluded her talk, when her elderly parents are waiting for her besides. She friendly and politely addressed to me that we’d better find a place to sit down and talk so that on the one hand we can talk in details and on the other hand my parents can sit down and wait for me. These details of her bearing unintentionally touched my heart. I recalled how I yelled at my parents when I’m unhappy and how I unconsciously ignore them when I’m with friends…… I’d love to end my first blog at WordPress with Miss Murthy’s self-summaries on Linkedin which can constantly remind me of what precious personality my role model has and what I’m supposed to act to acquire that kind of personality and charisma in near future.

“• 9 years of experience in Quality Assurance (QA) for enterprise software

• Demonstrated leadership skills – motivated individual who can take charge and drive change

• Strong understanding of Software Development Life Cycle and relevant QA concepts

• Excellent technical and analytical skills – experienced at troubleshooting software issues and tracing defect triggers

• Strong experience in defining and improving software test processes

• Proven Project Management skills – responsible for overseeing QA team to deliver thorough and timely test efforts for 3-month release cycle

• Enthusiastic team player with effective interpersonal and leadership skills

• Experience working in Cross-Functional Teams – representing QA and liaising with Developers, Product Managers and Technical Writers

• Client-oriented approach: well-honed ability to test software from the “user’s point of view”

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills”


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